Podcasting will be your #1 super-power in growing your business this year. Smart marketers are leveraging the power of new media and global platforms to gain an unfair advantage in the marketplace.

A podcast can entertain, inform, inspire and educate but, the single most important thing a podcast will do is CONNECT. You will build deeper connections with your current audience and build connections with other industry professionals/experts.

A podcast will give you Access to people you would never normally obtain—think Robert Kyosaki and Tony Robbins. A podcast will give you Exposure to an audience you would never typically reach. Access and Exposure to a global audience positions you as the Expert.

Combining Access and Exposure lead to Opportunity. From my podcast Super Agents Live; I have grown my email database to 10K+, launched new companies, built friendships and have been interviewed by Yahoo! and been offered 2 television shows.

Podcasts have finally broken through into the mainstream consciousness and right now is the right time to begin building the “Brand of You”. We made it drop dead simple to launch your own show----you give us a show name and we do the rest. Seriously—we do everything from building a website to recording, editing, producing, publishing and promoting. You don’t need to buy any equipment or learn any fancy post production editing skills---If you can make a phone call----we can launch your show---plug and play!


We are a complete “done for you” concierge podcasting service. We give you access to our production team and professional recording studio. You book a time to record on our production calendar----at that time---one of our podcast engineers will call you and your guest. We record, edit, produce, publish and promote your show on bi-monthly basis.


No longer is it about delivering ads to cold prospects. No longer is it about marketing to your sphere of influence-----this is Influence Marketing. How much would it be worth to be able to build authentic relationships with the top entrepreneurs, investors, financial planners and attorneys in your market?

How much would you pay for them to send an email and endorse you to every past client, every prospect and everyone in their sphere? This is authentic cross-marketing at its best and these influencers will thank you for the opportunity.

We envision you using your podcast to build new relationships and establishing yourself as the industry expert. If you’re a real estate professional we suggest you interview the top financial planners, CPA’s, entrepreneurs, investors, developers, professional athletes, politicians, celebrities and influencers in your market.



30 day launch meeting--- We will work closely with you developing your strategy, content, tone, purpose and ideal show length.


Let’s get technical—Uuugh! This is the part that stops most people dead in their tracks. Creating a .png thumbnail, setting up redundant hosting for audio and text files, building a standalone website, getting your show accepted by Itunes and Stitcher Radio and finally—getting a few episodes “In The Can”.


You have a show! We will setup standardized recording dates and times as well as, release dates for maximum exposure. We have 8 weeks to get you on New & Noteworthy---we will want to wring every bit of download juice out of this as possible. One last thing---- watch your mailbox! We will be sending you a shiny new professional microphone. We want studio quality sound.


Our Concierge process—we call you and your guest. The ViralKast engineers and producers specialize in audio production. We use professional tools such as noise reduction, compression, and equalization to make your podcast sound professional.
We utilize cutting edge software and studio equipment to make each and every show sound its best.
We produce your intros and outros, edit your segments, and can even create and add commercials that you can sell during your program!


Publish,Promote and Monetize: ViralKast will publish your episodes to Itunes, Stitcher Radio, website and write a blog post for each episode. The producers will then promote each episode on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We can also use your affiliate links to monetize your episode traffic. We also always encourage you to sell advertising spots to your vendors---many of our clients use this as a revenue center.


At ViralKast, we believe that customer care and transparency are critical. We do not have any “hidden” fees, costs, mandatory consultations, webinars, or eBooks for sale. ViralKast does not require you to commit to a long-term contract.

We simply want you to sound your best, grow your audience, have some fun, and deliver the best representation of yourself and your brand.


Cost comes in two forms. How much does it cost in terms of dollars but, also in terms of time?Dollars and cents? It’s 2K to get started and 500 dollars a month.

How much time will it take to have your own show--build incredible relationships and grow your database while you sleep? We have designed this to take you no more than 2 hours per month.

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